Film References

© "Blaulicht" (2016, dir: Claudia Syhre)

© "Staatstheater" (2017, Opera Lab Berlin)

© "There is no Zweifel (...) in New York" (2015, dir: Claudia Syhre)

© "That No One May Know My Suffering" (2013, dir: Ulla Laidlaw)


"Thank you, from the bottom, middle + top of my heart, for all your conscientious, thoughtful + artful contributions to EVARY. I couldn't have asked for a better editor & collaborator! You have such a talent in editing - your patience, attention to each moment, your deep gaze, your full picture view - it all combines to create something so special. You truly brought this piece somewhere new, somewhere I always hoped it could reach (...) You made me a better artist, asking me to explain, and to show up, each step off the way (...) I can't wait for the next one!"

Ulla Laidlaw, director of the fictional short film "Evary", February 2024


"It would be a great pleasure to work with you on something again. Whenever I look back at the videos you edited I am always very impressed with the wonderful choices and camera movement you have woven together!"

Evan Gardner, artistic director of Opera Lab Berlin, October 2020


"It was really a lovely experience working with you on the "Mindful Masturbation" project. I find that you made an amazing job out of the material I gave to you. Some of the ideas you had how to edit this film were absolutely brilliant. I love so much how the film came outHave a feeling that this might not be our last project together. Thank you so much."

Moshe Weizman, director of the documentary short film "Mindful Masturbation - A Somatic Pathway to Self-Love", August 2018