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Fictional Films


3 min | director: Claudia Syhre | 2019

Credits: writer, director, producer et al.

No! journals the path of a woman fighting her way out of silence into the power of one word. A film about healing and rising from the trauma of sexual assault.

Premiere: 22nd May 2020, GRRL HAUS Cinema Festival Online Screening "Experimental"


5 min | director: Claudia Syhre | 2016

Credits: idea, director, producer

Memories, dreams and reality collide in ever changing lights in this story about guilt, accepting grief and the hard act of forgiving oneself.

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„There is no Zweifel. Mit der Alten Laube in New York“ 

20 min | director: Claudia Syhre | 2015

Credits: co-writer, director, co-producer et al.

For this musical, the compass points West, to America, where the Lusatian brass band Stara Laubemia experiences the joys and sorrows of setting out into the big world following the dream of one's heart.

Premiere: 11th Apr 2015, Kronenkino, Zittau

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7 min |  director: Claudia Syhre | 2013

Credits: writer, director, producer et al.

„A silent ballad at a busy dinner table where unspoken sounds become the loudest. An exploration about hiding how we really feel inside, confusion and darkness we dare not share. Until the bars of one's self-made cage break, for a moment of peace.

Premiere: 26th Okt 2013, Possible Memories Festival, Berlin


6 min | director: Jani Lauzon  |  2008

Credits: 1st AD, continuity et al.

This silent Canadian short film by Métis artist Jani Lauzon deals with the trauma inflicted by the residential school system in North America and its impact on aboriginal people, families and communities. In the end, there is hope, to find the path back to the circle.

Premiere: 16th Okt 2008, The ImagineNATIVE Festival, Toronto

Demoreels & Imagefilms

„Ian Payne in Concert“

5 min | assigned by Ian Payne, singer-songwriter | 2017

Credits: director, producer et al.

Link to homepage of musician

„Birth into Being. The Core Cry“

assigned by Willow Proctor, BiB | in production

Credits: director, producer et al.